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Day Seven, and Goodbye

Final entry. It seems sudden now to just get up and go, but it's time. Updates have been scarce for close to a year now, and I rarely visit LJ as it is. I still like this layout, and I'm glad I finally got the entry tags in order, but.... Like Pitas, it's time to move on to a new pasture.

This blog will stay as an archive, but my new art blog will be at:


I hope that you will follow me there. :)

Today's last post is a gift for Mother's Day; an amigurumi of the Zelda Heart Container, Skyward Sword style. It uses the Corazoncitos Heart Pattern for the base, and Planet June’s i-cord design for the outer ring. The inside details were then sewed on. The heart is about 4" tall and 5"1/2 wide.

Also on DeviantART.

Thank you for visiting, and see you on Tumblr. :)
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Day Six

A gift I made for last Christmas; an amigurumi of the alien from Toy Story. Was made pretty last minute, but I pretty much like it except for the feet. Even now I kind of want to remake it, but I still have no idea how I would fix the feet design problem. It is beyond me. :(

Larger pic on DeviantART
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Day Four

It's before midnight, this post still counts. :[ My eyes are so tired; been crocheting for way too long today. But I got a deadline, and I'm gonna make it. Today's post is a watercolor from last week. The hibiscus have been blooming very prettily, and I planted some corn last... month? that is growing very quickly. Mmm, food.

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Day Three

Was having trouble with LJ yesterday, which pretty much expedited my move to Tumblr. It is now all set up at Musogato.tumblr.com -- but I will continue posting here for the rest of the week, because I promised.

Today's posts are drawings I did on the Nintendo 3DS, using the very wonderful program Colors! 3D. I've been wanting to use this program since I first heard about it back when it was a homebrew for the Nintendo DS, but I was never able to get it back then. I like it a lot, though I'm not drawing abundantly on it yet. In time. :)

Samus from Metroid Prime
Drawing food while I waited for food.
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Day Two

Something else I've been working on has been another Korra amigurumi crochet doll for this October's Pumpkin Carving contest. I made one last year as a prize, it kind of seemed like a hit, so I wanted to make another one. However early on I decided to be smart about it and make it months in advance. ^^; I may make another one or different characters for more prizes, but right now I'm just trying to juggle everything.

For this doll I decided to slightly alter some of the colors and fix some details so it looks more like the official pictures. I'm only half-way through right now, with the body, unfinished arms, and a demo boot. She's going to be around 7-inches tall when I'm done, but I'd like to make a smaller version too.

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Oh. Right.

So, this blog exists. I remember, really! I even remembered that I've done a 'draw every day in May' thing here for two years in a row, and that I am now a week late. Sorry! Although I have been busy working on art stuff, I don't visit LJ much anymore. =S I've been thinking of maybe making a new art blog on Tumblr, since it feels easier to update there and it's easier to get new viewers (not that I have ever made good use of that, welp), but.... the layout there completely stumps me. And I wouldn't be able to use multiple icons, uwah. So I guess I will be continuing here for a while longer.

To make up for the absence, I'll be posting every day this week with stuff I've been working on. Mostly watercolors and crocheted amigurumi stuff. Today's is a watercolor of what I keep in my purse. Ooh! I recently read The Creative License by Danny Gregory, and it got me drawing more. .....Wait, I already talked about this in the last post, didn't I. Anyway, drawing:

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little doodles

Taking a little break between projects. Recently got a book from the library that was recommended, The Creative License by Danny Gregory. It's nice, and in part motivates towards creating an art journal. I've always liked seeing art journals, and after reading part of this book, I'm guessing its because of the contour line style. Never made my own, though. I have this weird thing that, if I'm going to be spending a good amount of time drawing, it'd be better spent working on a project than on a random doodle. I don't know if this book will change that mindset, but at the very least it's nice to see all the drawings in it.

Anyway, one of the book's suggestions was to draw a chair, a mug, a table, and a person. Simple enough. I made it in a new sketchbook, but the paper is kind of thin and not meant for watercolors. I can still do it if I'm careful, but it's visible on the other side. I'll have to place my drawings carefully if I'm going to continue watercoloring in there.

I'd really like to practice composition, perspective, and color theory more though. I'll have to see if the library has some books on those too.
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Project #2 complete - Avatar Jedi Council

Aah! It's done! Big project that I've been working on for the past few months is one of the APCC fanart prizes for last year's contest; the four Avatars as Jedi masters with a volcanic background. =D

Larger version on DeviantART

A really fun concept by the winner, and I had a blast making it. Also did an obscene amount of research since I didn't know much (any) details about Star Wars despite seeing the movies, so that was interesting. Drew the lineart in MyPaint, which is absolutely fantastic, and colored it in GIMP because I love locked layers and selecting stuff. This was also the largest canvas I've ever drawn on, 4200x5400 pixels, and the working file was over 3 Gigs by the time I was done. I love my laptop, it's like the little engine that could. <3

But in addition to that, I also tried a new coloring technique; doing it all in grayscale first. (I also had a different background originally, but later scrapped it because I thought it made the picture too red.)
It was a neat experience; made it really easy to block in all the sections while also helping to figure out the tones for the clothing, since I was basically making it up as I went along. ^^; But going forward from that stage to the actual coloring was problematic because I hate how soft-light coloring looks, especially with a grayscale base because it looks so dull and washed out. Eventually I just selected each section to fill with a similar-toned color. *shrugs* Probably not how it was supposed to go, but it works for me.

In addition, I designed the lightsaber hilts to be specifically Avatar-based for each of the four nations. The original pencil designs were more simple, but I added more designs once I was putting color to it. I ended up redesigning the Water Tribe one almost completely. The Air Nomad one is my favorite of the bunch, but I like the others too. They don't really look like lightsabers anymore though, but I couldn't figure out how to make it look metallic again without sacrificing most of the designs. :/ Ah well.

I used a ton of references for this project; got a big folder full of screenshots and stances for Star Wars Jedi, the Avatar characters, volcanoes, and pinstripe decals, which oddly gave me the most trouble. Seriously. I think my brain has trouble with swirly designs because I sat for hours staring at those things and just could not understand how to replicate it. @_@ Which is why mine is kinda simple, but I guess that made it work out better. Anyway, I totally want to draw more volcanoes now. xD But really, I'm very happy with how this turned out, and I'm totally going to zombie out this weekend to recover. :nods:
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Augh, new year

Sorry for the hiatus; it's been a busy two months. Been doing a lot of crocheting and drawing, but didn't want to post WIP pictures. So here's the first of the finished: Harry Potter-themed card and amigurumi for my niece's birthday.

Larger image on DeviantART

I should small talk about how I stabbed my fingers a bunch of times while embroidering the Gryffindor colors, or something about the card, but too sick. Back to work.