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14 November 2011 @ 06:02 pm
NaNoDrawMo, 15/50  
To help motivate myself to sketch more, I am going to try NaNoDrawMo. The rules are to make 50 drawings in 30 days, with no limits on style, medium, or even quality. Although since I'm starting half-way into the month and the new Zelda game comes out this Sunday, it feels a lot more like 50 drawings in 7 days. Haha. So yeah, a lot of it is going to be like today's post, with just a lot of people practice and random food watercolors.

Normally I would freak out and would try to only include the sketches I like, or debate eternally whether a page of sketches should count as one whole or for each individual drawing in it. But I don't have time, and I'd rather see how many I can actually get done this week. Besides, the NaNo challenges are always about quantity over quality, right? I think I can make the 50, but we'll see.
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