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07 May 2012 @ 04:38 pm
Oh. Right.  
So, this blog exists. I remember, really! I even remembered that I've done a 'draw every day in May' thing here for two years in a row, and that I am now a week late. Sorry! Although I have been busy working on art stuff, I don't visit LJ much anymore. =S I've been thinking of maybe making a new art blog on Tumblr, since it feels easier to update there and it's easier to get new viewers (not that I have ever made good use of that, welp), but.... the layout there completely stumps me. And I wouldn't be able to use multiple icons, uwah. So I guess I will be continuing here for a while longer.

To make up for the absence, I'll be posting every day this week with stuff I've been working on. Mostly watercolors and crocheted amigurumi stuff. Today's is a watercolor of what I keep in my purse. Ooh! I recently read The Creative License by Danny Gregory, and it got me drawing more. .....Wait, I already talked about this in the last post, didn't I. Anyway, drawing:

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