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08 May 2012 @ 09:29 am
Day Two  
Something else I've been working on has been another Korra amigurumi crochet doll for this October's Pumpkin Carving contest. I made one last year as a prize, it kind of seemed like a hit, so I wanted to make another one. However early on I decided to be smart about it and make it months in advance. ^^; I may make another one or different characters for more prizes, but right now I'm just trying to juggle everything.

For this doll I decided to slightly alter some of the colors and fix some details so it looks more like the official pictures. I'm only half-way through right now, with the body, unfinished arms, and a demo boot. She's going to be around 7-inches tall when I'm done, but I'd like to make a smaller version too.

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